Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

How this wild passel looks tumbling out the door every morning.

On the way to the car... via the front yard.

Grace talked a bit about not wanting to go to school but I think she was just testing me -- she hopped right out with no problems and had a great day.

Suki, Kate and I headed to a playground to fill the hour before tumbling class.

Kate watches for Suki to come down the slide.

These two had so much fun in the airplane.

Two tough guys.

Kate is fantastic at balancing on toys like this.

Suki needed a little help to make it to the platform on the right but I was proud of her for persisting at the task.

Lots of fun in the baby swings.

We stopped to see the chrysanthemums and pumpkins on the way to tumbling class. Kate took us on a merry chase through the grocery store, she just loves playing follow the leader.

Smelling the flowers.

Tumbling class was the usual fun time, Suki and Kate are increasingly adventurous about climbing ladders.

Exploring the rock wall.

Bouncing so high on the trampoline!

Feeling a little tired after a busy morning.

At class today Suki balanced on a wobbly surfboard, hit a suspended ball with a bat and had tons of fun running around and swinging. This took the cake, though.

Playing with building blocks.

The ever popular ball pit.

Emerging from a great day at school.

One new thing this year is that Grace is much more eager to show me the projects she worked on at school. This lunch bag has dinosaur stickers just like Kai Lan enjoyed at the carnival.

Showing off the treats she made for her lunch bag -- a cookie and a sandwich with cheese in the middle.

A pink pig headband. There was a mouse last week, I'm not entirely sure what they are used for but they are very cute.

Telling me about how she can't wait to show her projects to her dad -- "He'll flip when he sees these!"

I love seeing this smile at the end of a school day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

In the driveway before PreK.

A leaf!

A tackle/hug.

In the drop off lane.

A last cuddle.

Into school!

I had to take Suki and Kate back to the doctor -- the first round of antibiotics didn't clear up Suki's bronchitis and I was still convinced Kate had a case herself that went undiagnosed last week. Our doctor is fantastic and I'm sure it just turned worse into official bronchitis over the weekend but I know how she usually sounds and her cough is just awful and has been for a week.

We had some time to kill before the appointment and so we went to a gazebo that overlooks the duck pond outside the office.

Then we went into the appointment, got the diagnosis, went to the pharmacy and grocery. I just posted pictures of those errands last Friday, though and this was pretty much the same trip :)

Grace had a great day at preschool. 5 for 7!

She loved this mask with a happy and sad face on each side -- it reminded her of the Chinese opera on Kai Lan.