Friday, January 31, 2014

January 17, 2014 -- part 2

Professional photos from Animal Kingdom!

Expedition Everest!

Such a sweet moment.

January 17, 2014 -- part 1

Adorable sleepers.

Ready to tackle Expedition Everest! Kate helped me with postcards on the way over to the park, and decorated herself with the strips from between the stamps on the way.

In front of the chimps.

Scenes from our safari.

The girls thought the hippos sleeping underwater were a hoot.

We had to walk to the end of the park and take a separate train out to the conservation station, all in the hopes of tracking down Grace's favorite (but highly elusive) character, Pocahontas.

We arrived minutes before they shut her line down for the day, and Grace could not have been glowing any more when she met her.

Suki and Kate wandered off after their hugs, but Pocahontas took the time to examine Monkadunk's dress and bonnet, retying the strings.

It was such an incredibly sweet few minutes.

The relief that this moment happened at all and came together so sweetly!

Rafiki points out to Pocahontas that HE has her doll now. The girls found it hilarious.

Eating an ice cream snack and listening to some music over in the Africa section.

Dancing away.

The Tusker House for lunch -- this was absolutely one of my very favorite spots to eat the whole time we were there, and it was made even more special by Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald coming around to interact with each table.

An attendant passed out shakers for anyone who wanted to join Goofy's conga line, and these three were enthusiastically interested.

A teeny fraction of the dessert table.

The Dinosaur ride scared even me, but not these three, to hear them tell it. I was amazed that not only did they enjoy every ride, they wanted to revisit the most thrilling ones over and over.

Dancing over in the Asia section on our way to the Kali River Rapids.

One final dinner with Granny and PaPa.

A great round of Where's The Chicken.

On our way back to our room.