Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 31, 2007

Grace gets so excited when she's ready to recite the next part of a book!

Sitting on the swing with Leap and Tad.

There is little she loves more than to swing.

I love that curl!

Sitting in the apple tree.

Holding on tight to mom!

Reaching for some blossoms.

My pink tree! It's pinker in real life... I think it's a cherry tree, definitely not a dogwood.

The first dandelion Grace ever gave me (no prompting, no suggestion, nothing).

Breaking sticks!

Playing with the grass.

Collecting pinecones.

Dad and Suki come out to join in the fun for a few moments.

I'm not sure why she looks so surprised here!

The face of a girl who does not want to get out of her crib.

Dad was hanging out with his girls, but Suki was getting hungry! The look on her face is priceless.

Grumpy face.

My sweet Suki.

Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30, 2007

For today's Craft Time Friday, I thought Grace was going to embellish some cards. I cut out Easter-y shapes from some of her drawings and pasted them on cards. I thought she would then put some stickers on the cards and draw with markers and crayons.

She was happy enough to draw inside the cards but not on the outside.

And putting stickers on the cards was out of the question. She only wanted to keep them to herself, on her hands, on the table, on her shirt.

After Suki woke up, we went outside to play.

Suki smiles over the Baby Bjorn.

Wandering in the sunshine.

Looking at some sticks and grass.

Grace really loves swinging but was not happy that I couldn't swing with her today! Suki was too cranky for that, though. This is why we usually go out when Suki's asleep.

Sisters on the counter.
Grace was being so sweet -- reaching around to cuddle her sister, patting her on the head -- but the camera was out of reach! Frustrating.

Suki was thrilled to have Grace on the quilt with her. She kept wriggling around to get closer to her sister, and Grace was tolerant of it for a surprisingly long time.

Two more shots of these sweet things.

Lord how I love this girl. This was after we came in from our walk, with her bunny ears on her head and a determined look on her face. So adorable.

Reaching for the turtle.

A story with Dad at the end of the day.