Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

Grace poses with her Father Time pancake.

Everyone enjoyed this little treat.

After breakfast, Grace headed out to run some errands with David. She's still feeling under the weather but all three girls are and were tangling in an unpleasant way. This was definitely the way to go -- she had a great time with David and I had a blast with Suki and Kate.

We made block towers.

We made music.

Suki created a Christmas tree.

Then she put ornaments all over it.

We cleaned up some puppies.

Then Grace came home with presents she'd chosen for everyone.

A tiger for Suki.

A penguin for Kate.

Reunited, in time for lunch.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Suki's cough has been worsening and her balance has seemed off, so I took her in to see the doctor just in case she's got the bacterial illness Kate has. She's just got a virus according to the doctor but she was prescribed a second medication to take with her nebulized albuterol, just to ease her breathing a bit.

After we came home, Grace set to coloring in the book we brought her.

Also, giving herself a Crayola home manicure.

Suki got a treatment in before naptime.

Kate wondered which sister's milk she should swipe first...

...gave a sly look as she tossed one...

...then an innocent look, just in case.

Then she just slumped against the couch. No one's energy is what it usually is around here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Three bonus pictures taken while I was out tonight:

Kate gets a treatment.

Suki watches tv while Grace positions one dog to ride another, twice.

What funny girls.
Suki really, really wants to be able to jump from this table like Grace can. David and I help her get more comfortable by letting her hold a single finger very low while she jumps and she practices jumping on her own into a beanbag chair. She truly -can- do it but she doesn't believe she can do it.

Today Grace climbed up and held her hand and they jumped off together -- they had a few truly simultaneous jumps and then these uneven attempts you see here.

She'll get there on her own someday.

Kate looks warily at the mask from her nebulized albuterol treatment.

I suspect my girls don't mind the treatment because it helps them breathe so much easier.

Suki takes her turn plus I finally got a shot of her adorable squint-and-point gesture she's perfected this month.

Cutting out shapes to make ornaments.

Kate loves to help her sisters.

Kate tries to glue, Suki threads some yarn through the hole at the top of the ornament, Grace continues snipping her shapes.

Then we made some fun masks.

We practiced saying words in Mandarin -- these girls love a flash card.

Then we colored a snowman and a snowy scene.

Kate used markers for a little while, then tried to draw on the walls with them and eat them.

Grace is getting better at connecting the dots all the time.

Sweet sisters.

Grace surprised me at how good she was at spotting the differences in these pictures. What a fun Kai Lan day.