Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Our little group heads out into the night.

Off to the first house!

Trick or treat!

Our little flower.

Trick or treating with my dalmatian. I've never seen Suki run so fast as when she went from house to house tonight -- she was flying down the sidewalks.

My little owl, on the other hand, was not as into trick or treating as we'd imagined she would be. She would not go up to any house but that of one neighbor, she preferred to stay with he dad and Kate on the sidewalk. He came up with the great idea that she could use her good owl eyes to keep the streets safe.

Suki in front of the scariest house on our street. She was so emboldened by the treats that she ran right up to the man at the door of this house and said "trick or treat!" She was also very good at saying thank you after she got her candy.

The sisters Night and Day.

But still so sweet together.

David also figured out how to get Grace one last bit of trick or treating. While we took some pictures outside he ran in and refilled our own candy bowl. When Grace knocked on the door, she was able to get a little more chocolate.

Looking over their loot.

Our (jokey) picture of Kate enjoying some Halloween booty.
Happy Halloween!

These five were the best of the lot, apparently the chair was too much for Suki. Or perhaps it was the close quarters she shared with her sisters, it's hard to tell.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

What is this fine looking group doing standing around on a breezy 30 degree morning?

Waiting for the Halloween parade!

Here are two videos of the parade:

You can tell we parents were pretty hepped up over the whole thing.

From left to right: Teagan, Ashlyn, Anu, Joseph, Allie, Zoe, Andrew, Grace, Charlie, Anna and Sam.

How to make an owl costume: start with a vampire's cape and a ninja's hood, and stitch to those a couple of black feather boas. Sew ties into the cape to attach to the wrists of a girl so that she can flap her wings. Finish with some Harry Potter glasses. Grace was so happy to be a little black owl -- no other color was acceptable to her, I don't know where she gets her ideas.

These girls are ready to tackle some games!

Chatting with other parents.

Andrew comes along to join in.

Suki looks at the bowling ball.

Suki checks out the bowling game again.

Dad rocks Kate to sleep.

I couldn't believe it was possible in this frigid air, but he did an amazing job with it.

Mom and Smile the Owl.

Miss Caroline explains the beanbag toss to Grace.

Grace had a great time with all the games here today.

Except the bones croquet. She did not like the singing ghost at the end. Miss Colleen has a look on her face like she's seen this contrary canary before :)

Everyone there just loves Grace, though -- it's nice to see them so accepting of who she is.

No croquet!

Suki just loved this playground at Grace's preschool.

Fishing for jack o'lanterns.

Riding the fire engine with Abby.

Grace and Sook ride the fire engine.

Three family portraits. I just love these.

Kate and her Dad.

Suki leaves the party site.

My little owl.

Off to the car! What a fun party day.