Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

Today was Field Day at Kate's preschool -- she had so much fun playing games and splashing in the sprinkler with her friends!

After we got Grace from the school bus, we took a long anticipated trip to a local shop that has goats and ice cream.

She was just so happy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012


Playing a "shake the tree and make it rain" game with friends.

The most adorable, spontaneous book reading in the history of bus stop pick ups.

Our teacher gifts for the preschool teachers -- inside each (behind the tissue and tulle) there's a thank you/appreciation card the respective girl made for her respective teacher, a little yankee candle, and a starbucks gift card.  So cute!

Rudolph the Connect Four champion.

May 29, 2012

Grace heads out for field day at school, I ran Kate over to preschool, Suki and I went out to run some errands and our car lost power while we were sitting at a red light.  It was awful -- horns honking, cars veering around us, I was trapped in the lane because I couldn't see how to move the car safely with only a five year old to steer the thing, so there I was calling 911 to get some police assistance with my ridiculous dilemma that I was unaware could even happen.  Turns out:  yes, it can, if your alternator has gone south.
And so, our poor beleaguered van was towed again.  Suki and I passed an hour and a half in a gas station/mini mart and I was fearing nonstop snack requests.  I was pleasantly surprised when she asked for a single chocolate munchkin and an apple.  She really was such a trooper.

A friend picked up Suki and me so that we wouldn't have to ride in the tow truck.  Her two daughters are friends with my two youngest and so she offered to just gather up the girls for a lunchtime play date so I could get the rental car and deal with the repair kid-free.  As sweet as Suki was and as patient as she had been, she jumped at the chance.  Kate was thrilled to go home with them too.  And my friend even encouraged me to go run some of the errands I had set out to finish earlier so the girls could play longer.  Win-win-win.

Back at home, tracking down a rabbit.  They've named this one Miss Little Scamp.

Grace returned from field day with a face full of paint and a heart full of joy.

A monkey and a heart...

...and a peace sign and a flower.

One of my Mother's Day peonies bloomed today!

"Badminton" in the driveway.

A movie indoors.

The "emerald pathway" for the fairies to follow.  Ahem.

All together again at the end of a very hectic day.