Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

Suki loves bringing Kate her penguin almost as much as Kate loves receiving it.

A little chimp at the refrigerator.

Grace is pleased that she can open the wrapper from the straw and put it in her own juice box. I'm sure she could do it before now, I just never asked her to do so.

Suki and Kate puzzle over some blocks. I just love our relaxed mornings where these girls have time to play and experiment.

Grace sets up a duck platform to highlight some of her collection.

Suki shares blocks with Grace while Kate looks through a book.

She can't resist joining her sisters, though.

Suki builds a block tower.

My happy group outside the library.

It's easy to get good behavior out of them when there's a library trip dangled before them.

We found a great book about Independence Day.

There were actually a couple of books, each featuring the community pancake breakfast as an important starting point to the day. It was a new one to me.

Suki and Kate were very interested in climbing in and around the stroller.

Grace dressed herself today, opting for an inside out shirt and backwards pants. She did not want any help and I didn't see any reason to interfere.

Our book from this morning.

Running along to get a sample at the bread store.

Enjoying their slices while checking out a rose bush.

Kate enjoys her reflection in the municipal building.

While we were at the bread store we ran into our friends Erin, Allison and Renee. They joined us on the town green and we chatted and played.

Suki was thrilled that she could pet this dog. We usually just say hello to dogs we don't know but this owner had the time to spend so that Suki could approach slowly and quietly, let the dog sniff the back of her hand, ask the owner how he liked to be petted, etc. It was a good treat for Suki and the owner and dog loved Suki.

Allison and Erin kept making up funny names (like Lucy Moosie) for Grace's animals -- she cracked up and called them all silly.

Kate could hardly stay away from these stairs.

Erin played this chasing game with Suki and Suki loved every minute of it.

What a fun morning!

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

After breakfast, we spent the morning in the pool. The girls loved it and it was a good way to get Grace to at least practice putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles while resting her leg.


Here's a little video of Grace and Suki playing a tickling game and Kate trying to drink water from the "birdbath."

They thought juice in the pool was quite a treat.

They are like two pals bellied up to the bar.

Heading in while wrapped in their toasty towels.