Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Our little Katie Cricket went back to the pediatric cardiologist today, as is her wont every six months.

Even though this appointment could only be made for a mid-nap time, she was surprisingly calm through her (extensive) tests.

We are pleased to report that at the end of our long time at the cardiologist's office, it has been determined that all but one hole has closed in her heart. And that remaining hole is approximately 1.5 millimeter in diameter. Everyone is so pleased with her progress in healing her own self that she's been cleared for the next two years. When she turns three, we'll head back in to see how things look.

Her sisters held down the fort at home, here, they are doing puzzles.

Better photos tomorrow, my eyes are still very bad after Sunday.

March 29, 2009

Today was our sweet Kate's birthday party!

This was how she started t out, thanks to a half dose of Benadryl.

Grace greets Beth, Owen and Lauren.

Owen, Grandma, Mia, Sarah, Emmy, Shannon, Will, Scout, Suki and a tiny bit of Kate and Granny.

Beth, Owen, Emmy and Kate on her new beanbag chair.

Grace, Mia, and Suki join the crowd.

PaPa and Grandma at the fajita buffet.

Mia, Suki, Grace, Scout, Owen, Shannon, Will and Lauren at the table.

Ready to eat!

Mia, Suki, Will, Grace and Scout.

A sweet moment between Dad and Kate.

Feeding the barefoot birthday girl her meal.

Zach, PaPa, Dad and Kate gathered at the couch.

PaPa watches as Kate takes another crack at the stairs.

Marcia, Viviana and Grace.

Out comes the birthday cupcake! The candle extinguished twice on the way out to the table and finally I realized it was just foolishness to put an open flame near the girl anyway.

Kate examines the cake.

Taking a bit of frosting.

I think this is when she starts to realize it's really all for her.

Taking a bite.

More of the rainbow-y-ness exposed.

A bigger chomp.

Even bigger!

The results at her feet.

The whole crowd with the rainbow jigglers and rainbow cupcakes.

Lauren is after a jiggler.

Now it's just smashing time.

Granny takes a photo of Kate.

This photo was really all about Suki...

...she was being so cute, trying to reach the rainbow fruit platter.

A goodbye for Suki. She and Grandma had many laughs today.

These babies crack me up. Here, Kate laughs with her friend Vivana. I could not resist this one, their faces are too funny!

Viviana is shocked by Kate's shoe mouth and messy shirt.

A last photo with Granny and PaPa.

After all of our guests had gone, we opened some fun gifts.

When Kate was born, the song playing in the OR was Paul Simon's Kodachrome -- it was partly why we wanted a party with lots of bright colors. We are so glad to celebrate a year with our Katiekins.