Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007

Six from dinner tonight.

May 28, 2007

Reaching out to Uncle Pete. Aunt Iris had such a touch with Suki, able to get her to sleep anywhere!

Family portraits.

May 27, 2007

At breakfast with PaPa.

Aunt Friedel shows Grace how the Russian nesting dolls work.

Uncle Fred watches over a sleeping Sook.

Grace coveted Granny's necklace!

A sweet moment between Granny and Grace.

Grace balances the necklace on her eyes while Aunt Friedel looks on.

Trying to keep Suki happy in the restaurant.

Fried chicken!

A happy duo.

Grace thought this bird was so much fun!

What it looks like when you hold Suki over your head.

Grace helps Aunt Mollie in the kitchen.

More help.

Suki was all smiles with Uncle Ellis and PaPa.

Aunt Mollie holds Suki in the kitchen.

Singing hymns. Grace has a great version of "Do Lord" where she sings about taking Jesius as her savior -- that pronunciation cracks me up.

Reaching for Mollie's cheeks.

Granny tickles Grace.

Back at the farm with Uncle David.

First farm walk of the year.

Dad and Suki.

Mom and Grace.

Out near the hay bales on the way to the barn.

It's not easy holding these two!

Looking at the baby calves in the barn.

Grace is so scared of mooing in books or television but in the barn she was enraptured by it.

Uncle David holds Suki one more time.

Ready for pizza.

Chessie comforts a tired Suki.

Aunt Inge, Chessie and Michele with a sleeping Suki.

May 26, 2007

Breakfast with Granny and PaPa.

Walking with PaPa on the farm.

Looking at a dog with Aunt Iris.

Caroline and Dad swing with the girls.

Caroline and Suki.

Uncle David pops in to see Suki while Granny reads to Grace.

Uncle David loved holding Suki.

Taking a look at the chicken coop.

Grace triumphantly holds an egg aloft.

Looking at another dog.

Grace really loved spending time with him.

Petting her nose.

Waiting for a little kiss.

Two Davids.

Uncle Frank comes to see Suki.

Suki's ready for dinner!

PaPa and Uncle Ellis have fun with Suki.

Papa tries to keep up with a ravenous and impatient Suki.

The center of attention.

Grace adores Brittany and Courteney.

A crowd gathers outside the restaurant.

It was so sweet to see everyone enjoying Grace and Suki so much.

Brittany and Courteney try to calm Suki.

Grace has a little cheesecake while Uncle Mitchell spends some time with Suki.

So sweet.