Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Bonus scenes from our Easter egg dyeing tonight:

Building her own Umi City with bristle blocks.

A face.

A monkey.


We programmed Kate's birthday gift from Jalal and Amir today -- she was amazed to hear Violet call her by her name.

Delighted at a song.

Kate looks at a bee trapped momentarily between the screen and the glass. Oh how she wanted to grab it!

Only one child's name can be programmed into Violet, so no matter how much Grace argued that her name was -not- Kate or that her favorite animal is a sloth and not a penguin, it didn't make a bit of difference to Violet's proclamations. We always love opportunities to show our girls that electronics (or optics, or chemistry, etc.) are cool, not imaginary magic, and this toy provided a great chance for that talk.

Sweet Sook.

Kate waits for Suki to notice that she swiped her softballs.

We are passing this spring break in a super low key way -- our highlight of the morning was a cookie picnic on the front lawn.

Under the cherry tree.

Then it was time for adventures in the back yard.

Picking dandelions.

I took pictures of some of the flowers my little guys brought for me. Isn't this dandelion amazing?

Grace and Suki kept marching up and down, saying "time for more flowers!" and then depositing their blossoms in my lap.

Kate and I swung and watched.

A sweet cuddle.

But she couldn't resist joining her sisters for long.

Some of these flowers didn't come easily.

Suki, taking off her shoes.