Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1, 2010

Kate had an evaluation for her speech delay this morning -- she and Suki played in the morning while we waited for the evaluator to arrive. We won't know what the committee decides until later this week at the earliest but the evaluation turned out to be kind of fun for Suki and Kate. Grace did not like the looks of the evaluator and decided to play upstairs the whole time, which honestly probably made things a little easier for everyone.

Can you believe you can move like this and not fall? Incredible.

Half an hour after the evaluator left, Anu and Sheetal came over for play and lunch. Grace loves loves loves assembling a snack tray for friends on our tiered tray and was full of ideas for what today's should include.

Anu loved the tray, especially the goldfish. Grace loved having her friend over and showing her some of her new horses.

She thought it was a hoot to try on Sheetal's shoes.

Anu wanted to watch some Umizoomi for a little treat, and so my guys showed her their favorite episode.

You can tell Anu doesn't have any siblings -- she was so surprised when Suki or Kate would step in front of the screen!

I thought Grace was being so sweet in sharing this horse with Kate...

...and then I saw her secret plan involved a budge right off the mighty steed.

A hug goodbye.

Such sweet, fun friends!

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