Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

So excited to get going on our day that they apparently forgot that we were supposed to be leaving in the car.

Joking in the drop off line.

Kate had her two year well visit today and we arrived early enough to spend time looking into the pond at all of the wildlife there.

This was the view from our examination room -- that heron stayed outside the window for quite some time.

Ready to get things started! Kate was incredibly patient and playful during her exam, it was so nice. She even recovered quickly from her three shots.

Released back into the wild.

Then we stopped to pick up some helium from the party store. Suki thought it was hilarious to see Easter eggs on a "Christmas" tree.

Then we were off to pick up Grace.

We played in the park with Anu, who always enjoys a sneak peek at what life would be like with little sisters -- sometimes she's aghast, sometimes envious but mostly it's just fun.

When Grace's classmate and friend Peter arrived, we really had a perfect time at the playground.

Everyone played together so nicely, it was a delight to see them together.

Here, they're trying to make a train on this platform. They're looking back to see if the Kate Caboose was coming soon.

She was. And so the train was ready to head down the track/slide.

So much fun!

Kate tries to emulate Anu.

Grace and Anu enjoy the baby swings, Peter and Suki howl with laughter at their modified game of catch, Kate blissfully wanders off camera.

Then we came back and had a little picnic with David.

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