Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 2, 2010

Ready to head out!

A miraculous easy-peasy drop off!

Racing for the elevator.

Playing in the hall before tumbling class.

Looking to see who's noticing the rattling of the exit door.

Looking out at the trucks.

We started a new tumbling class today, a siblings class where Suki and Kate can both participate. They love learning new ways to move and play and they love being able to do it together.

Cheering her sister on.

Pushing Kate on the swing.

This class is a little bigger, so there was a very crowded ball pit. This is before the balls even got poured in.


Enjoying seeing themselves on the television monitor.

And enjoying their balloons at the end of the trip.

The elevator to the parking garage.

Waiting in the pick up line for Grace.

Funny face Suki.

She just cracks me up.

Hopefully March marks the beginning of a new chapter for poor Grace and her difficult drop offs and pick ups of the past two weeks. Today was fantastic.

The string to the balloon is in her mouth like a balloon bone (she's the dog).

Joking about swiping Miss Jamie's gorilla.

Consoling Gorilla after a tough day.

Flowers and seaweed.

Blue And Yellow Don't Always Make Green, or The Beach.

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