Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

As is our sort-of-new tradition, we celebrated Pi Day today -- we even got a new plate for the occasion.

Our completed pie.

Grace draws at the table.

Kate and Suki draw in the front room -- Suki was so sweet about spontaneously bringing in a drawing pad for her sister.

Grace made a party hat for David -- she colored it purple and then cut it out and was so proud to bring it to him.

Reading together.

Joking together.

Kate and Suki were dropping like coconuts onto Suki's bed.

Then they looked out on the rainy morning together.


Kate's pitiful, beseeching look.

Looking through Suki's beads.

Enjoying their apples together.

Need some space? Feeling hedged in? Print out this handy sign and post it where you need to! Grace is getting better about forming letters into words on her own (she's memorized a lot of them but I love seeing what she comes up with on her own). In case you have trouble reading Grace, this reads "No this means you."

Suki enjoys her slice of pie.

Kate plays with David while Suki and Grace and I went to play with some friends.

Suki and Grace call this "that dirty dirty penguin that Katie loves." They are totally right.

That girl just loves it.

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