Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 2006

Suki, first thing in the morning.

These three pretty much tell the story of the drive over to the closing on the new house.

Grace plays at the closing.

Mama and Suki waiting for the realtors and attorneys to get everything together.

Finally done!

Two tired girls ready to get back to the hotel and get a nap!

Refreshed, after her nap. Fame! Grace wants to live forever...

November 28, 2006

Lucky Grace had some chocolate chip muffin for breakfast.


One of the first times showing real interest in Suki.

Mama and Grace on the deck.

Heading out for a morning of adventure with Dad.

Helping Dad with his lunch.

Rocking Suki, unasked. I almost cried at this breakthrough.

Grace thought Suki looked cold, so she helped her put on a hat.

Relaxing with a borrowed gorilla.

After a long drive, we made it to the hotel at last.

November 27, 2006

Today the movers came to pack up our house, so Grace, Suki and mom headed over to Gina's for an extended playgroup.

Joseph loves Grace! Grace loves Joseph but hopes she can get back to the penguins soon.

Readt to receive the word of Bert and Ernie.

Share the fire engine?

Three monkeys playing, plus Suki's first and last Ladies Lounge.

Sacked out.

Fun with straws.

Suki takes a rest.


Goodbye to Tammy and Ruairi.


Goodbye to Gina and Joseph.

You didn't think this day would end without a trip to the doctor's office, did you? Suki's umbilical cord caught on something (a shirt? we don't know.) and came off a little early. Thankfully, the doctor agreed that it is no emergency and told us how to care for the wound. Suki should be just fine.

Grace takes a look at all of the boxes.

Dad and Suki in our packed up living room.

Ready to call it a day!

Grace loved exploring the hotel room.

She was so proud of turning on the tv ("all by myself!") but sadly, could not figure out how to get anything but LodgeNet.

Picnic dinner.

Reading before bed.

Grace had a tough time getting to sleep, but is curled up with Great Aunt Friedel's blanket here at last.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 26, 2006

Wild hair!

Looking at a business card.

Suki in the sun.

The Thinker, part 2.

Suki's got on lion pajamas, and Grace is intrigued by Dad's rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Suki takes a rest.

November 25, 2006

Miss Mae in the sunshine. She is such a beauty!

Getting a kiss from Dad.

Her hair is just about long enough now to pull up into a ponytail... just in time for winter :)

Reading a book before her nap.

Lately David's been singing the refrain from "Homeless" as a lullabye to Grace. There's a video of Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing it here if you wonder why it's such a great lullabye.

Suki, sleeping.

Reading a good night story.