Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

Suki and Grace on the worst ride of our entire lives.

We were delayed in leaving Atlanta because of David's illness and then this morning Grace and Suki seemed a little sick. The full force of the illness didn't manifest itself until we'd reached South Carolina and Grace kept getting sick as we careened down the road. We had to keep pulling over to get her cleaned up and in new outfits. She and Suki had a hard time really resting in their car seats and so there were no real naps to be had. We were on the road for hours longer than on the trip down (12 hours, I think?) and the girls were miserably unhappy. Given that we didn't know how bad their illness was going to get and we were traveling through very rural parts of the south we knew it was best just to get home where we knew they'd get good medical care if they needed it. It was just a horrible, horrible drive and the only good part was that we were able to reach our house a couple hours before midnight. Not a recommended way to spend New Year's Eve.

December 30, 2007

Dad helps Grace on her tricycle.

Pedaling in the kitchen.

Working hard.

Our newly mobile Sook has so much fun practicing her walking.

Nearly running.

Two sisters practice their new forms of mobility.


Suki chases after her sister.

She even gains a lead!

Busy girls.

Dad was feeling well enough to celebrate his birthday tonight. Suki loved the balloons.

Of course, Grace did too.

Dad shows Granny how to use their new video phone.

Grace and Suki take a look.

Seeing PaPa on the computer!

December 29, 2007

While Mom and Dad went out to run some errands, Grace and Suki had a blast with Granny and PaPa and Aunt Rebekah.

Fun in the wagon.

Not so much fun: David got food poisoning while we were out and missed his birthday dinner. Suki loved eating her mustard greens and field peas, though.

Playing with the musical Christmas toys.

December 28, 2007

Surrounded by Christmas toys before opening some presents.

Suki runs around shaking some vitamins.

Looking at some gifts.

I love the way Suki holds things up to her forehead.

Grace starts opening her giant gift.

Suki joins in.

It's a tricycle!

Checking out her new ride.

So much fun!

PaPa helps by giving her a push.

Cruising around the living room.

Opening another gift.

Sweet face.

My girls look at a present.

Fun with the bunny.

Suki and Rebekah.

Suki watches Mom open some cookie cutters.


Suki gets in on the gift opening.

Checking out the animals.

In a sea of gifts.

Suki was in love with this book, we suspect because the author has her own name (plus an e).

Grace checks out a Word Whammer.

In Suki's big present, a wagon!

Sweet girls.

Playing the piano with Granny.

PaPa joins in.

Suki loves her new toy from Aunt Rebekah.

Suki cheers herself on every time she pushes the button to start the balls flying in the air.

Suki's first low country boil.