Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30, 2007

Grace eats a quick lunch before her nap. Don't even ask what Suki and I were thinking with those looks on our faces.

Cutie pie.

Grace just loves the puppy on Suki's outfit.

Suki and Mom head out for a walk.

I just love her in this hat!

Another thing I love: our backyard. Here we are at the gateway -- it's really become so beautiful this spring with all of the surprise trees and flowers.

The girl who didn't want to go for a walk.

Watching Mom and Suki go for their walk. Don't be fooled by the solemn face, she really did want to stay indoors the entire time.

Dad's about to take Suki up for her bedtime routine.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 29, 2007

Today we went to the nursery to get some herbs and lettuce seeds for our container garden.

Grace loved the gravel in some of the walkways -- it was (surprisingly) a real highlight of the trip.
Happy happy happy.

She was so confident looking out over the plants and didn't want to move on to any other section. She kept her back turned to me for a while but kept peeking back over her shoulder to make sure I was still there.

Another surprise highlight -- the watering cans!

Looking at all the plants.

Holding the dill for Mom.

Feeling all the flowers.

Looking through the marigold stands.

Smiling girl.

Chasing the nursery cat.

She loved this little cat but was careful to be very gentle.

Looking at Suki's little pig shirt.

Suki takes a look at the herbs we bought.

The snail gets in on it too.

Feeling the portulaca (I couldn't resist this sentimental purchase).

Kicking in the chair.

Sitting pretty with Dad on the swing.

Looking at Dad's glasses.

Grace sneaks a hand in the crook of Dad's arm.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28, 2007

Grace interrupts Suki's reading.

Preparing a summary for Dad.

Looking at a frame of family pictures.

Looking a little guilty.

Gazing at the little bunny duck.

A little more of Suki standing -- she is so strong and so cute!

Suki and mom.

Looking up.

A little kiss.

A bit dazed before her nap.

Friday, April 27, 2007

April 27, 2007

Two with Suki.

Two with Grace.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007

She almost lost track of it!

Suki plays with her fish.

What a sweet smile. She got her second tooth today!

My very very sick girl.

Grace had a very rough day today but hopefully will be on the mend soon.

Dad had some fun with Suki tonight.

April 25, 2007

Practicing her fishing.

Grace is getting so good at doing her puzzles!

My little sweet pea.

Two with Mom and Suki.

And two with the three of us.

Suki is spitting a lot lately, lord knows why.

Dad and his girls.