Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

Here are three that we took after dinner tonight -- don't mind the somber look on Suki's face, she'd been dancing on the wall and beaming at everyone a moment before, talking about how it was a party where everyone was invited. I don't think she appreciated me asking her to pose for a moment, though. Kate's hair is a wreck because she's got a way of pulling out her clip and trying to eat it! So we're a little messy, a little bedraggled looking but we were all so happy and it was the perfect end to our fantastic weekend.

Today we went to a new-to-us playground at the local elementary school.

My smoochable Kate.

We started off on the part of the playground intended for the littlest children, the 0-2 section.

In a baby swing.

Kate loved this wheel.

Practicing her walking.

Then it was off to the second section, for the 2-5 year olds. Here are Grace and Suki on the see saw -- this was their first time on one!

They had so much fun.

Kate can do so much more on the playground now.

Cheerful on the slide.

Grace is always looking for a bar to swing from now.

Suki always likes to do what Grace is doing.

Down the steps.

David explains to Suki why it's a bad idea to drink the water collected at the bottom of the slide.

Kate on the horse.

Back to splashing in the water on the slide.

Kate tries to steal David's hat.

Happy with it on her own head.

Pulling it on for herself.

Reaching through the fence.

Suki loves to climb up a slide.

On the little bridge.

Chasing each other across.

Kate longs to climb up a slide the way her sisters can.

I loved this double slide -- it allowed Grace to slide down while Kate safely played at the bottom.

Then it was Suki's turn.

I love seeing these guys together.

Kate looks on as her sisters get ready for their next turn.

David decided to give Kate her own turn.

Oh, she loved it.

Then Grace wanted to go try the big kids section of the playground, for the 5-12 year olds. I took her and left the camera behind with David, Suki and Kate but I wish I hadn't. She was so brave and I was so good about leaving her to do her own thing. I sat on a bench with my friend Renee and Grace experimented with a swaying rubber walkway, first crawling on it and finally running back and forth. Then she wanted to hang from a bar and I stood with my hands hovering over her ribs just in case she wanted to drop down. And then she wanted to use the monkey bars and so we used all three sets, with me supporting her as she moved her hands from bar to bar. She had a blast.

Then Renee's girls, Allison and Erin helped her on the swings.

Here are some bonus pictures David took on his cell phone while we were wandering around.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30, 2009

Today we went back for our second trial dance class.

So, so cute!

These two funny girls decided to try hiding their heads while I asked them to pose near the garage, and this is what they came up with.

Popping back up!

Another chase.

I just love these smiling faces.

Ready to dance.

Practicing putting their feet to sleep and waking them back up as part of their stretches.

Suki was still wary of the dads (and on a Saturday, there were even more of them) but was able to stick with the class almost the entire time even with her anxiety.

I think this stretch involved looking at the cake on their feet? The stretches are very funny.

Putting cake on their heads?

So pleased.

Practicing some dance positions. We can't wait to go get some ballet slippers soon but the girls wouldn't take their crocs off to dance in their socks today.

Here are two little dances that the girls enjoyed today:

I thought Sook was going to climb right over this barre.


The instructor helps get Grace's leg in the right position.


This move involves pretending to climb over a horse, I can't remember what it's really called.

Neither can I remember the name of this galloping chase in which they're engaged, but Suki in particular loved it.

Grace took a tumble on the slippery floor and was angry and frustrated about that for a bit. I told her to just take a minute and she could join in the fun when she felt like it. Meanwhile, Suki was ready to tackle the next task.

As you'd imagine by now, I have no idea what this is called but it sure was fun.

Watching a leaping pony game.

After class, it was time for balloons and lollipops and a quick walk to the grocery store.

Very interested in a pineapple.

My sweet girls.

Looking at the flowers at the check out.

Meanwhile, Kate had an awesome morning with David. They played and ran all over the house!

Then, after naps we played outside at the sand and water table, with the slide, with each other -- it was a perfect, lovely day.