Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008

We've been working on sleep training with Kate for nearly two weeks now and last night we had a breakthrough. After David snuck in a dream feed around midnight, she slept through to 8 am! I am so pleased with how simple she's making our final sleep training effort.
Grace gets hustled in to school at 9:02, a bit late. She complained that her eye hurt her on the way in and I pulled off the road when I saw how red and teary it was. I examined her but found nothing. Keeping her eyes closed for a few moments and her hands away seemed to help and we got back on the road. I wasn't even sure we were going to be able to do a drop off and was fearing a walk in instead. I think that if Grace realized that sometimes we could walk in with her she'd be clamoring for it every morning. Luckily, we weren't quite the last ones there.

My sad little chicken...

Feeling better when we get to the library.

We got there an hour before opening so we walked around, meandering toddler style. I was nice to have the time to just wander.

Our reflection.

Down the path.

Looking at the clouds.

Suki examines the giant books at the library.

Sook was enchanted by this fountain.

Kate was also interested, but more so in Suki.

Not pictured here: the tremendous tantrum Suki threw when we left the fountain area. I'd warned her that we would have to go if she splashed in the water and when I enforced the rule she started screaming "No!" and trying to throw herself to the ground. She did this as we left the plaza, as we crossed the street, as we rounded the corner to the library, and as we approached the parking garage. I told her that if she spoke softly we could go inside the library and read and play, if she yelled we would have to get in the car and come home. She kep yelling and did so until we came to the door of the car... then I think she realized I meant it. She hushed up, and promised to remain quiet in the library. And much to my surprise, we had no other yelling incidents this morning. She was so loud and so intense earlier though that we were stopped later on as we walked around town by someone who remarked at how quiet Suki seemed now -- they'd noticed her throwing her fit as they drove by earlier that morning. It really was remarkable in intensity and duration.

Sitting pretty at the library.

Luckily, this girl naps anywhere.

Out on the green.

Still napping...

Looking at the birds circling above.

Walking across the green away from the town library.

Looking out the window of the bread shop.

Interested in the bakers' area.

Looking at more birds.

So casual.

Kate marvels at Suki.

Peeping Mom, at it again.

Miss Helen holds Grace back for just a minute...

Then it's out the door to the car! I miss my little Grace when she's at school but it sounds like she has fun. She played with Sam and especially Zoe, enjoyed the dinosaur books and toys, and skipped her snack because she was not hungry. There was some painting with green paints but I only know that because her forearm still bore traces when she left school.

Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

Choosing Halloween decorations at the grocery store.

Hoping for a nap.

The circus-like atmosphere of today's physical therapy appointment.

Red balloon and a red lollipop, on a red bench with her red gorilla -- Grace was in heaven.

Waiting for our pizza to cook.

Funny face.

Suddenly shy.

Grace tows her sister along.