Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

We rounded out Grace's birthday weekend with a trip to the book store.

Looking for bargains.

Then it was off to the restaurant with the squares and circles, aka TGI Fridays. She'd never been there but has long been intrigued by the shapes on the facade.

We had fun this birthday weekend but have seen first hand how much different our family life would be if a five year old ran things!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

To celebrate Grace's birthday weekend, we went to the mall today.

First stop: the cooking school where she's having her birthday party next weekend. She needed to finalize the menu and talk about potential cakes.

Discussing things with a coordinator.

Then we met up with David, Suki and Kate again.

Suki enjoyed looking at every jewelry stand we passed.

Then we went to this toy store. It was full of such fun things!

Suki played with these boys and the school buses.

There was a very tempting slide in the middle of the store that no one was allowed to use. Also, can you believe how curly Suki's hair looks after being twisted up after last night's bath?

Off to the merry go round!

Grace wanted to visit this Swarovski store.

Then we went up to the place to play.

Kate pretended to nap and got another girl to pretend with her.

A mighty jump for Grace.

Looking surly but acting friendly on the slide.

A preview of the candy shop on our way to Claire's.

Grace fell in love with these key rings that fit together to form a heart with two monkeys.

Then we went back upstairs to pick up Dad, Suki and Kate.

We went and got some lunch -- here, Suki's pointing out Dad in line.

An approximation of a wink.

Then it was off to the candy store for real.

Grace and Suki each had a bag and put whatever type of candy they liked inside.

I imagined things might get a little wild but they were actually so reasonable and the bags were only 1/3 full when they decided that was plenty of candy. What a surprise!

Running off to show Dad and Kate what they chose.

The end of a very fun morning out.