Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

A bird! Or possibly an airplane! Whatever it is, it's exciting!

Excited to get into school.

Kate just cracks me up. Oftentimes she'll lift up her shirt to show off her "belly belly" to better advantage.

Counting eight sides on an octagon.

Of course it's an octagon!

Kate pulls up a seat for the rainbow shape review

Laughing about putting a shape in the wrong spot on the sorter.

What a beauty.

Suki's adorable point.

Ready to sort some animals!

Kate triumphs over the fish.

So, so happy to be able to wrangle these puzzles.

Hugs all around.

I'm always trying to capture the color of Suki's eyes, the blue and green and the way they mix and it's always impossible to do.

Another day where Grace refused to leave the school to get in the car. Then she pretended to sleep in the car. And then Suki copied her. What wacky girls.

And she took off her shoes in the car! What a chimp.

Grace won a gold medal skating at the Olympics at school! Whatever that might mean. They have no rink, she's never skated and for all I know gold medals were the only ones issued, but of course none of this mattered a bit. She won!

The torch.

Her official certificate of Olympic achievement!

She thought this was just such a silly color palette for an elephant.

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