Sunday, February 07, 2010

February 7, 2010

The state of the place, a day after the storm.

Not a plow in sight...

...but at least the driveway's clear!

While I was out shoveling, the girls had a great time inside with David.

Time to go out to play!

This heap is taller than I am.


Chasing David down a path.

I have to say, it's so much easier keeping track of Kate when there are only certain paths she can travel.


What an armful.

Poor Kate -- her hat shifted down so she can barely see, and then some snow fell from the roof to block her path.

And to make matters slightly more pitiful, when she falls down she's so bundled she can't right herself.

Viviana came to play for a little while.

I just love seeing these two together.

Viviana and Kate earn some wary glances as they head up toward the crayons and coloring books.

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