Monday, February 15, 2010

February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day breakfast!

Grace shows Gorilla her valentine.

This is how Kate shows she's very happy with something, all squinty and spinning in a circle.

We all had lots of fun playing Chutes and Ladders.

Follow the leader.

Sometimes I just don't even know how to explain things around here.


Showing Kate how to label more pictures.

Grace made a platter of sliced vegetables for Suki's dinner... she wanted her to eat them but not take them from the platter. It was difficult.

Outside to have fun in the snow.

Cradling her horses in a mitten nest.

These snowbanks are huge.

Flopped right down after we came in.

Funny face here was actually very pleased to receive this valentine from her friend Zoe.

The hearts showed up for lunch, too.

Grace was planning on running errands with David to the barber, the grocery and the bank after lunch. Out of the clear blue sky she announced that she wanted to get her hair cut too. David and I have always felt strongly that our girls should know they have control of their own bodies from a very early age and they've known they could have their hair cut or their ears pierced or whatever but that the choice would be theirs, not ours. Still, it came as a shock to hear such a distinct, persistent request all of a sudden. She'd never mentioned it before but she certainly wanted it today. David's stylist had free time after his appointment so we booked her appointment.

Combing out Grace's hair before her appointment.

There was something intensely bittersweet about this last time combing through a lifetime's worth of hair. it might sound silly but perhaps less so if you consider how sensitive I can be to "last time" situations.

19 inches of hair, heading to the chopping block.

Ready to go! She brought Gorilla, Fuzzy Duck and Mitzy with her.

Ready to go!

Phan's been cutting David's hair for years and has heard all about our girls. This was her first time meeting Grace but she already knew that Grace loved lollipops. She told Grace that she could have one while her hair was being cut -and- one after and Grace was very happy to hear this.

She declined a shampoo because it felt awkward and sounded so loud.

No problem, Phan just spritzed her hair with water.

There was considerable discussion between Phan and Grace. At first she was describing a sort of crew cut but when Phan and David showed her exactly how short her hair would be she modified her idea and asked for a chin length bob. It's kind of a shame, because I would have paid top dollar to see the look on Granny's face if Grace showed up with a crew cut.

Fastening an elastic below the spot for the first cut.


Gorgeous. She looks like such a big kid to me now!

Off to shop with Dad. The timing might not be exactly what I'd imagined but I love it.

After naps David and I headed into DC for our driving tour of monuments and then dinner across from the White House. It was lovely, relaxing and very romantic.

Some pictures from our drive.

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