Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010

Grace is pouting because she wants Suki to play horses with her but Suki's focused on helping Kate learn words in her book.

Grace got her way after a short time, though, and they rode the hobby horse together all over the house.

So dear.

Ready for batting practice!

Surprised that I mind her bumping into me.

Retrieving balls.

Practicing finding groups of nine.

Reading on the slide.

Crayons on her fingers!

These pretend foods from Grandma have been a hit around here from day one.

Ready to color!

Sweet, funny girl.

These girls love Kai Lan and learning Mandarin. They think it's a hoot to practice their vocabulary and counting as fast as they can to ten is a great game. This video's great for helping with pronunciation, a tough part for me.

Deep in thought.

Time for ice cream!

I just love the way she's sitting in this chair.

Looking out to see if any squirrels have found their feeder yet.

Time for Chutes and Ladders.

Grace won!

Delighted. She lost the second game but won the third. She might try to cheat a little with the spinner but doesn't complain when I point out her nudging of the arrow, and I'm happy that even when she loses she doesn't lose her composure. So far, anyway :)

A fun Suki story: yesterday she wanted to play with the cash register, but Kate already had it. Suki gently took it away from her, explaining that it was just for big girls. Then she proudly recited her phone number as if to prove her point about just who was the big girl in this particular situation.

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