Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

The monkey cupcakes we made for Grace's in school party today!

We were all so pleased to be able to join Grace's class to celebrate! Here, she reintroduces all of us.

Grace points out the days of the week, etc.

She showed Miss Jamie and the rest of the class some of her animals.

Then it was time for cupcakes!

Suki was none too pleased that she didn't get a candle too.

She perked right back up when she was told she could have her cupcake, though.

Kate was occupied with her treat.

A little gift from Miss Jamie.

I read The Little Red Hen to the class.

David loved coming in to celebrate with Grace's class too -- he doesn't show up in very many pictures here because Kate kept him pretty busy.

Libby and Grace look at the tiger.

Kate finds a cupcake left behind on the table and gets to work.

Ashlyn and Paige thought they could remove the cake from Kate's grasp but soon discovered the level of determination a one year old can muster.

Back at home, Grace opened her horse stamp set.

Pressing hard!

Coloring in her horses.

A little treat from Chick-Fil-A.

After naps, the girls opened another chocolate treat. I found Suki and Kate sharing on the stairs.

Grace was thrilled with this monkey Kate got for her.

A little hug.

Suki brings her present over to Grace.

A spontaneous sisterly hug.

Suki seemed as surprised as Grace when she opened this kitten.

Happy to see Olivia from Grandpa and Mary.

The beautiful backpack from Aunt Tina and her family.

A chime-and-turn-the-page book from Grandma!

Some of the horses from Granny and PaPa -- she was so happy to discover these horses.

Grace shows David the invitation to the Doughnuts with Dad celebration coming up in a few weeks.

Cupcake time again!

Pulling her hair back so she can blow out her candle.

Suki got her turn with a candle in the end after all.

Happy birthday, Grace! We love you so.

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