Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009

We started our Halloween with these mummy twists and fruit.

What a fun breakfast!

Then we headed out for the day. Can you tell these girls see their friend Viviana coming along?

So happy to see her.

And, of course, happy to see her balloon.

Then we went off to the library, skipping the neighborhood Halloween parade. The parade was a distinct lowlight of Thursday, while the actual friends, treats and partying itself was tons of fun. So we opted to skip the Saturday parade and focus our Halloweeny energy on tonight's time with friends, treats and partying.

Grace reads a new Frances book with David.

Suki and Kate got bored (or more accurately speaking, Kate became intensely interested in slamming keys on the library's computer keyboard as hard as she could) and so we headed out front to wait for David and Grace.


After naps and dinner, we got dressed to go out trick or treating. We didn't try the dalmatian costume on Kate... and like anything else with snaps along the legs, gaps appeared pretty quickly.

Our little bee in search of sweets.

Like last year, Grace was happy much of the time to be hanging out with her Dad on the street rather than going up to doors.

Such sweet girls.

The scariest house on our block.

Our tradition has become trick or treating at our house last -- David runs ahead and opens the door when they knock.

A sure sign that we're done for the night.

Looking at their haul.

What surprised me most about the night was what happened after we came home. We'd left out two huge bowls full of candy and they were completely emptied by the time we returned home. And putting all of our candy out like that was tactically not the best move. We'd only been in the house a few minutes when the knocks started coming at the front door. I was so proud to see Grace and Suki taking candy from their own pile and running to the door to give it out to the trick or treaters on our stoop. This happened several more times before bed and we were so proud of their generosity.

Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

With nothing on our calendar today, we spent the morning playing inside.

Sweet Kate.

I just love this hairstyle on Suki, it amuses me so much.

Grace loved putting the ducks in the cold water and into the squishy cool sand.

Competition? Companionship? I'm not sure but these three often wind up in the same spot.

Suki makes a "bead cake."