Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31, 2008

Two bonus pictures from after Dad's return.

Grace clambered up into the chair to read this way before breakfast and it brought me back to many of my own childhood days spent reading in all kinds of contortions. She makes me smile.

Suki. Determined to have goldfish for breakfast.

Kate is fascinated by Grace.

Yummy! As you can see from this study in orange, Suki got her way about the goldfish.

The way Kate looks when she's hoping you'll pick her up.

Ready to head out to the library.

Turned around to get in the car.

Gathered around Kate's car seat.

My little bitty pretty one.

With a half smile.

Grace loves that she's allowed to play with the library's gorilla. She arrived (literally) a minute before a little boy who also loved the gorilla. I was so proud of the way Grace took turns with him.

Kate's nap at the library. Not a total success.

The monkey loving boy and Suki. She thought this crate was a lot of fun until she realized she couldn't easily get out.

By the by, today marked the first time I threatened to leave a place unless certain behavior was changed AND IT DIDN'T CHANGE (ahem, Suki.) So only 45 minutes after we arrived at the library, we were on our way home.

Finally finding her nap.

You'd never guess this smiling girl had been running and screaming through a library just a few minutes before.

Readying her block stack.

Unasked, Grace sat down and started to read her sock monkey book to Kate. It warms my heart.

Suki takes an interest.

She just loves to play with Kate. We have to keep an eye on her because somehow Suki's got it into her head that she can sit in Kate's lap. I guess technically she can, but it's an alarming thing to see.

Kate is all smiles for her sister.

Such wonderful girls.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

Admiring their chalk work from yesterday afternoon.

Suki gives Grace five.

Kate, content in the back seat.

So happy together.

This morning we had a wonderful session of physical therapy. Grace wowed us with her throwing, catching, bouncing, jumping and high stepping. Then we went to the farm stand to buy blackberry pie, eggs, flowers, and beef. After visiting the chickens and chatting with some of the people who work on the farm, we picked up our CSA share and headed home.

Grace was so happy I let her choose a bunch of flowers.

I tried to get Suki to smell some of this anise hyssop but she was too worn out to care.

Kate is ready to chow down on this tiny cabbage.
Our little Katiekins went to the pediatrician this evening for a well baby check up. The stats:
Height: 26 1/4 inches (95th percentile, up 3.25 inches from 23 inches at the beginning of May)
Weight: 14 lbs 10 oz (60th-75th percentile, up 3 lbs 5.5 oz from 11 lbs 4.5 oz at the beginning of May)
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches (>97th percentile, up 1.5 inches from 16 inches at the beginning of May)

So you can see that while she is trending upward nicely, her focus has been in gaining some real length of bone. Go Kate!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008

On the way to baby playgroup...

...and on the way back to the car hours later. Click to see how cute that Suki is at a run!

Half a dozen from my attempt to get a picture with all three sisters together.

Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

Grace and Suki play with their friend Scout at a splashy playgroup this morning. You can see from the expression on Suki's face that she is not going to stay in that little pool for long.

Oh, how I wish we 'd gotten a picture of what took place just moments before. Grace climbed up the ladder and slid down the slide. It's a big slide and the way she came off it, she slid across the bottom of the pool with her head under the water. It scared her and she had a hard time figuring out how to get herself on the right side of the water. I reached in and pulled her up, and while she did not want to go down the slide again I was so proud that she braved that big pool and lots more splashes. Click the picture to get a good look at Grace's grin.

You all knew that there would be a picture of Suki attempting the same thing next, right? Our friend Rosemary was a big help with this.

Splashing with the hose.

Ready to make her attempt.

A slow descent to splash down. We are so lucky to have friends to help us at these playgroups!

Ready to go up again!

Kate slept nearly the entire time.

Staking her claim with the big boys.

She is undaunted. Not that these boys were trying to daunt, but it always amazes me to see the way Suki asserts herself.

I'm not sure they knew what to make of her.

A push on the swing.