Saturday, March 06, 2010

March 6, 2010

A slightly under the weather Kate and Suki eat breakfast with David.

Horse riders need entertainment too.

Today was Grace's cooking party with friends -- we had it at a local culinary school and it was so much fun!

First everyone wrote their names on their hats and their paper rectangles.

Then it was time to go wash hands. Grace and Anu held hands on the way, these two are just so sweet together.

Watching as they learn to make cheesy garlic bread.

They chopped garlic and put it in a bowl with butter, sprinkled it with a little salt and pepper and then smushed it all together.

Then they smeared their mixture on the bread and covered it with cheese.

Then it was time to make their meatballs. First they cracked an egg.

Then they beat it with a fork.

They added breadcrumbs, spices and mixed them together.

I just loved the way the girls were positioned so they were the window dressing of this store front. They had people lining up outside to see the cuteness and the culinary feats.

Then the meat was added and they were told to squish it all together. Not a single girl was willing to do it until they were given gloves.

Teagan, Ashlyn and Elisabeth listen carefully.

Libby, Scout and Ally eating their garlic bread. I thought it was so smart to have the girls write their names on the parchment paper. It kept everyone's food separate and recognizable and could go right in the oven. It certainly made everything easier once the food came out of the oven.

Raising her hand for sauce on her pasta.

That girl sure loves spaghetti.

Almost time for cupcakes! Grace wanted cupcakes that were red and pink and with ducks, horses, monkeys and cows -- this is what I came up with. The frosting's a light pink, the sugar around the edges is a mix of red and pink, the flowers are red, I'm not sure that shows up on the screen.

Scout, Ashlyn and Libby were especially interested in the cupcakes.

Sheetal stops by to say goodbye to Grace.

Ashlyn wanted to pose with Grace for a picture.

They were immediately joined by Scout...

...then Ally...

...and then Teagan.

A hug goodbye from Scout.

Sitting with Elisabeth.

Within half an hour of leaving the party, poor Grace was sacked out in the car. All of that cooking wore her out!

Sweet girl.

For favors we wrapped marbelized pencils and child safe knives in tea towels along with the recipe book and lollipop treat you see here. I just couldn't pass up showing them to you.

Here are a few pictures David took while we were away. Kate sacked out in front of the tv.

Suki and her dear dogs.

A fun picture with David and Kate.

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sheetal said...

The pictures are Amazing!!!!!!!! I enjoyed seeing each one of them. Must say this..... Good job Laura, for the pictures and the Captions.