Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 16, 2010

My girls are fairly obsessed with this video and bargained to be able to watch it during breakfast.

A friend gave Grace this barrel of monkeys and she usually has it with her wherever she goes.

We always play this game when we're at streetlights, where the girls are the traffic light monsters and turn the lights lemon yellow or cherry red, and I plead and plead with them to turn it back to pickle green.

After drop off, we did a little grocery shopping.

We played outside after we came home -- Kate did herself a wee mischief with this squirrel feeder.

Grace pretends to be sleeping in the car with Gorilla.

Suki points out a bird.

Admiring the crocuses.

Jumping like a bunny.

This is one of the last things you want to see heading your way, an angry Kate bearing a big stick.

Suki tosses red dog into the air for a little game.

Off to check in on the neighbors.

Grace's shamrock from school.

Watching the end of this morning's video.

After naps we played outside with friends and had a quick dinner. Then it was off to the farm to help put the animals to bed! Here are some funny faces while we waited for Anu.

Hark! The car approaches!

Anu brought some flowers for Grace. Grace brought a flashlight decorated with pink ribbon for Anu. Such sweet friends!

Waiting for the program to begin.

Grace shows Anu how to turn on her flashlight.

Once inside, there was a brief introduction where we heard about how to feed the animals, what we might see while putting the animals to see, how to be quiet and slow and not shine the light right in the animals' eyes. Then we went to go see some of our animal charges.

Petting the baby chicks.

Looking for the sheep -- they'd decided it was bedtime just a few minutes before we got there to "help" them and had to be rustled back out for their bedtime snack.

I couldn't -believe- how excited Grace was to feed them. Suki mostly tossed the food a couple of feet from the fence and called it a day but when she did get her hand near their mouths she laughed when they ate from her hand.

Getting more food.

Off to feed the goats!

This goat actually tried nibbling on Grace's hair! She stood very still and calm and the adult helper nearby quickly extricated her.

We visited some other animals and shushed them to sleep and then headed back to the barn. Grace petted this horse so nicely.

Donning their cow visors for a singalong. Grace later changed hers for a goat visor.


Reading a book about how animals go to sleep and eating their animal crackers and drinking their juice on a blanket. This was such a sweet program and we were so happy to have Anu there to enjoy it with us!

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