Thursday, April 01, 2010

April 1, 2010

A stallion, a horse and a foal chasing each other, or so Grace tells me.

I took Kate to her second assessment for her speech delay and dropped Grace and Suki off to play with friends.

Sort of on the way to that drop off.

Kate did such a great job today, even though the assessment was smack in the middle of nap time. She was evaluated by a speech therapist and a physical therapist but she thought she was just playing.

While the therapists typed up their evaluations, we played in an open room. It wasn't long before Kate discovered the ball pit.

The forbidden tossing of the balls.

Such a fun, funny girl.

Kate was very interested in this wrench and bolts that could be turned.

Calling Granny and PaPa.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch David picked up Grace and Suki and took them off to play.

Would you like to know the opinion of the therapists about our little Katiekins? They think her delay is caused by hyperlaxity, the same condition that led to Grace's gross motor delay! I was astonished to hear it, she's so physically assertive and able -- the therapists attribute this to her big sisters. They think if she hadn't been so physically competitive her whole life that her skills would be far behind where she is now. So we're seeing what therapy is available through the state's services but I'm so happy to hear this news. Kate is such a tough little cookie, such a fighter at every step and I know she'll get through this latest obstacle just fine, it'll be great if we can get her just a little boost.

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