Thursday, January 21, 2010

Januay 21, 2010

Prospects for Grace's triumphant return to preK were so bright she needed sunglasses.

Suki, Kate and I headed over to the grocery store for a few things. Doesn't Suki look like she's scouting out bargains here?

Suki loves pushing Kate along but does not see the benefit of looking any farther forward than her own shoes.

Back at home, Kate had her customary run down the street, where she and Suki enjoyed giving a snowbank a few kicks.

Stomping a snowball.

We took down the decorations from celebrating David's birthday and Suki and Kate finally got their hands on the balloons they've had their eye on.

Waiting to emerge from school.

She had a great day!

Inside, Grace drew a picture of herself playing with a duck, outside she's riding a horse.

She also got a bag of treats from her friend Jasmine's birthday celebration.

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