Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Things my guys love:


Funny faces.


Careful arrangements.

Making a mess.

Making mischief.

Sharing almond birthday macaroons.

Making popsicles out of Tinkertoys.


Two funny stories:
During lunch Kate swiped Grace's sandwich. Grace asked very politely, "Please may I have it?" And when that worked, she turned to me and said, "Please pause her." That girl is too funny.

During dinner I pointed out to Suki that Grace had a cupcake because she finished her meal, and that Kate was going to get one in a minute because she was finishing her dinner. Suki thought about it and then brought her unfinished plate over to her sisters to "share" -- and she waited patiently for them to clean her plate so she might get her treat. Very clever, but it didn't work.

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