Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

Granny and PaPa sent this t-ball set to Suki as a get well present and it has been such a source of joy around here. Kate took a turn while her sisters started their breakfast but kept checking over her shoulder for her sisters' approach.

Enjoying her yogurt.

We had so much fun in the snow yesterday we headed out again to enjoy today's beautiful weather.

Kate relishes the opportunity to stretch her legs.

Not too thrilled about the leaves on her hands.

Snowball fights are popular but misunderstood -- they can dish the snowballs out but don't always love seeing them flying back.

Chasing me to catapult a snowball.

Can you tell that they are making snow angels? At least, so they tell me.


...and then both of them come after me with their catapulting snowballs!

They were giddy about it.

From Grace: Suki, I need some space! I need space! Be spacey!


Suki loves climbing this rock.

I caught this shot accidentally -- but then Suki popped right up and said "I love sliding on this rock!" So I guess it wasn't as bad as it looked to me at first.

The snow, on the other hand, was definitely worse than it looked -- Kate took what she thought was an appealing looking bite of snow but was not thrilled with it once she had it.


I was a wee bit distracted with all the fencing and turned to see this sight. Suki is not allowed to push Grace down a hill but I suspect it's been a bit too long since we've had to enforce the rule. Fortunately, Grace put her feet down and it all ended well.

Can you guess what Suki's pretending to be?

A bird in her snow nest! Tweet!

Bikers in the court. Well, two bikers and one shopper.

David opens some birthday presents from his girls.

Grace and Suki help David blow out his candle. Several times. And then wanted candles of their own in their cupcakes. There were a lot of flames but Kate was so distracted by her cupcake that she didn't get in the middle of it at all. That's saying a lot for the cupcakes.

Opening some more gifts.

Grace and Kate enjoy a musical card while Suki uses the bead game as a drum.

More drumming to celebrate David's big day!

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