Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June 8, 2011

Outside the Boston Public Library, in front of the statue representing Science.

Before Trinity Church and the Hancock Tower.

Climbing toward the two lions commemorating the Massachusetts Civil War infantry regiments.

Enjoying the frescoes.

Admiring the John Singer Sargent murals.

Inspecting selections from the Joan of Arc collection.

We quietly appreciated the ceiling in the Bates Reading Room.

Enjoying the Italianate courtyard with its Bacchante statue and fountain.

Then it was off to Copley, with fountains of its own.

There were a couple of sparrows here, which delighted the girls no end.

We went to Tiffany to have a watchband replaced and while we would have loved to take photos in there, we asked ahead of time and discovered it was not allowed. So instead, there are just these shots from the service area, where the girls were showered with attention and cool drinks.

Off to lunch, with a fantastic view of the Back Bay.

Looking at more jewelry on the way out.

Suki willingly shared her seat on the train with Kate and unasked, she held on tight to her sister to protect her from the lurching of the car.

Three girls and their three friends say hello at kindergarten pickup.

Enjoying the flowers picked today.

In another unasked for gesture of kindness, Suki also saved part of her cookie from after lunch to share with Grace, who was so pleased by the gesture.

Free choice time with the cello after practice, sometimes this turns the cello into a pseudobass.

Bedtime was held up tonight so that Grace's barely hanging in there tooth could come out. This gap toothed smile is so cute!

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