Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25, 2011

A stop for a meal on our drive to Albany.

We met Grandma for a fun trip to Hoffman's, a place I went when I was a girl.

The girls loved it, as you can imagine.

They tried their first ferris wheel.

Then we met our friends Max, Parker, Kristina and Erik and the fun continued.

There was one little sprinkle of rain, but other than that the weather was perfect, a little overcast and cool enough to enjoy ourselves.

Grace took a trip to the merry go round with Grandma.

Then, the well behaved went on a train ride. Suki had to sit this one out after a wee fit of outrage.

Then it was time for the big big ferris wheel -- I was so proud of Grace for showing such composure and fearlessness so that she was allowed to ride by herself.

The little guys even wanted to ride the roller coaster -- it was too loud for Grace to enjoy, though.

This octopus ride was the biggest hit of the evening, I think. It's always been my favorite ride and Grace and Suki were wild for it.

A last train ride, and this time Suki could participate.

Grace and Max are such dear friends. They loved sharing a seat on the train.

Emerging from the tunnel.

Then it was off to Aunt Melissa's for a sleepover. We stayed at Hoffman's longer than we anticipated and had no idea sweet Calynn was waiting up for us. Next time our sleepover fun will last even longer!

We did have so much fun playing together.

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