Tuesday, June 07, 2011

June 7, 2011

A little grocery shopping this morning.

Picking Indian Paintbrush in a field of wildflowers.

After running a few more errands, we had time to go to the playground.

I just love Suki's jumps.

Suki wants to be brave enough to climb this by herself...

...but she always needs a hand on her for reassurance right around this point.

Climbing the rock wall.


Suki's flower.

Grace had an early dismissal today, but still a rest time and two recesses. You can tell everyone's ready for the end of the year.

Watching a fly on the pine needles.

Suki shares her rocks with Grace.

We came home so hot and tired that the only thing to do was have a lemonade party.

So tired! But what a fun morning.

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