Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26, 2011

Kate, April, Amy and Thabi at Melissa's place for a cousin get together.

Gianna, Thabi, Liam and April.

Zithembe looks on.

Angle one of our group shot of the kids...

...and angle two.

Kate, Zithembe, Grace and Nello all love their chocolate muffins!

Kate and Nello and basketball fun.

Donna helps Gianna hold Liam -- Gianna's about to become a big sister and was so good with Liam that we all know she'll be great with baby Tommy.

A wild music making time.

Grace has been practicing French Folk Song on cello for a couple of weeks now -- she was so pleased to be able to play it on this piano and April was kindly appreciative of Grace's efforts too.

Dawn looks on at some wild Liam shaking.

We see these cousins several times a year, and it always makes me so happy that they fall in together so easily and have such confidence in each other and such a great time playing.

Zithembe and Suki look out at a chipmunk.

This was also the first get together we can remember that the adults all got to sit together and really talk while the children played.

Amy and Gorillee talk to Grace and Gianna.

Kate checks out Nello's bagel.

Grace was so excited that Melissa was going to join us at Grandpa's house afterward!

Nello says goodbye to Liam.

Thabi was so sweet with Liam.

Donna helps Liam manage the attentions of two adoring cousins.

There was a lot of smooching.

There was also a lot of hugging.

Grace just cracked Donna up.

Picking daisies before we left for Grandpa's house.

They also chased lots of little frogs.

So pleased to have caught one.

At Grandpa's house, there was a hubbub on the way to the chicken coop.

A bird was sitting in the grass, not obviously hurt but when there are this many girls around a bird and the bird's not moving, you know something's wrong.

We looked for a moment, then moved on to see the chickens previously known as the "baby chicks."

Feeding some grass.

Off to inspect the vineyards and gardens.

Then back for a fun lunch.

Kate loves her Calynn!

Grandpa enjoys some birthday pie.

Suki was so gentle with Liam. She loves him so.

Kate was too.

What a great way to kick off summer break!

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