Friday, June 03, 2011

June 3, 2011

Today Grace played hooky with her teacher's permission in order to go to the Children's Museum. We met my friend Megan and her children Evie and Liam and had so much fun we didn't leave until seven hours after we arrived. Then we went to meet David and get a long promised ice cream sundae, in honor of Ice Cream Friday. Now I'm exhausted and without energy or inclination to do much more captioning :)

I was so amazed at how high Grace wanted to climb, and the ease with which they all descended.

Crafting in the Japanese house. Speaking of Japanese, Kate was cornered and photographed by and with Japanese tourists again today. It happens frequently enough that David and I now suspect she resembles some Japanese popular character.

Putting on a foot show together.

Megan and I encouraged the girls to hug a friend, meaning one of the characters from Arthur. Instead, Kate held onto Evie, which was even sweeter than anything we'd had in mind.


Relaxing before heading back north.

Hugging while David finds a local ice cream shop.

Getting coins for the fountain.

Enjoying their sundaes.

The ride back home.

Ready to drive home. Such a great day!

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