Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1, 2011

At the train station and ready for an adventure.

They made many people smile, they were so happy and independent in their seats opposite us.

They love it when the train emerges from the tunnel and they get their first glimpse of the Charles River.

At the Public Garden!

We wanted to make sure we saw it with the blossoms still on the trees, and the weather today was perfect.

Awed by the one man band.

My family has a tradition stretching back across three generations of taking photos of the back of Washington's statue.

They were very excited at the prospect of getting on a swan boat.

We always clarify the difference between working animals and pets, and how in the case of the latter it is fine to ask the owner if you can pet their animal but that you should never do it if the animal has a job to do. But this park ranger was so kind and seemed to be using the horse as a kind of public outreach, and so the girls went to say hello.

There are signs everywhere prohibiting feeding ducks, but we figured that tossing them bits that had fallen from the trees was fair game.

Each girl got their turn on the mama duck while her sisters lined up on the babies behind her.

Bubble blowing break!

We shared our bubbles with this sweet new friend of Kate's.

Off to the swan boats!

Today was such a perfect day.

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