Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

Waiting for Grandma to meet us at Yankee Candle Company.

A little lunch before we went in.

This cow was very popular!

So was this leaping guy.

Grandma gave the girls coins to toss in the fountain. The people seated on the opposite side of the fountain were pretty surprised at the arm on Suki -- her coin came winging all the way across and landed under their table.

Admiring the spinning Christmas tree and the ornaments beneath.

Seated on the bear throne.

Looking at Christmas villages while waiting for the...

...snow fall!

This indoor snow storm was so much fun.

Looking down on the koi at the bottom of the waterfall. Poor Kate got her neck stuck in the top of these poles but rallied quickly.

Looking up at the wrapped gifts whirling overhead.

At ye olde pirate ship.

Dancing and singing along with the robots.

Back at the ship.

Choosing a candle to dip.

Receiving their instructions on how to dip.

Grace's rainbow horse.

Suki's rainbow star.

Kate's rainbow sunflower.

What a fun time!

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