Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

Today we went to the Franklin Park Zoo, and guess who forgot the card for her camera? Despite bringing her camera, a back up battery pack, and every other "necessary" item for a day out? Yeah, this lady. So it's a post full of camera photos, though if you think that means a -short- post, apparently you are new around here.


There's even a baby gorilla here. Of course, Grace was beside herself with happiness.

A little lunch (no, the animal crackers were not lunch).


Stepping on skeletons.

Kate admires a lion.

On the merry go round.

Poor Suki did not get the lion she wanted and lo, the weeping was heard across the land.

Admiring the ground hogs. And even passersby were amazed to hear Suki reading the warning signs aloud. We are so proud of our latest reader!

Jumping like frogs.

Climbing the faux termite mounds.

The gorillas were the first things we saw on our way in and the last things on our way out.

Oh. Except the ring tailed lemurs.

And the budgies.

As exhausted as you'd expect for a three year old who's been walking for five hours. So impressed with our three girls who held it together and behaved so well after walking for such a long time in the sun!

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