Thursday, May 05, 2011

May 5, 2011

Kate had her much anticipated (well, highly anticipated for the past two days) first visit to the dentist today!

Honestly, I was a little concerned that the actual visit would not match up with her preconceived notion of the fun she was going to enjoy -- but that was not the case. Contrary to what you might have expected, this was -exactly- the kind of fun she'd had in mind! Here, she's donned her glasses and is choosing her new toothbrush.

Explaining the pick and the counting of the teeth -- we really love this pediatric dental practice and their patient, kind way.

I have no idea how Kate knew exactly what to do with this suction device (was she really watching Suki that closely?) but she was a total pro.

Kate was so composed and calm through this whole visit -- she asked questions (like, "what flossing mean?") when she didn't understand something, she did exactly what the hygienist and dentist asked -- I was floored.

And she was so proud of herself.

Choosing a treat while the dentist looks on.

A little post visit play time.

The now traditional dance of accomplishment after a dental visit.

What the heck is this bug?

Whatever it is, these two were fascinated by it.

Hugging in a courtyard.

Pointing out flowers.

We went to the Paper Source and did some window shopping and then doubled back to the dentist's office to pick up a toy left behind, and then it was lunchtime. We went to this organic wood fired pizza place and had some -delicious- pizza.

Then we went on to school to pick up Grace.

Here she's showing off a sparkly stone.

Julian spins Kate, Suki and Grace.

Then Suki takes a turn as spinner.

A happily swinging Grace.

Climbing Suki...

And climbing Kate. These two are awesome at these narrow ladders now.

At the tops of their respective ladders.

My sweet, funny girls.

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