Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011

Jolie sits with my dear friend Kiera while Grace, Suki and Kate eat their brunch at the little picnic table.

David and Jeff, Jolie and Kiera.

Phil and Jolie visit Grace and Kate.

Kate can be such a menace as a little sister, a sweet menace but definitely a menace all the same to her big sisters. So it was very funny to see her with 1 year old Jolie today -- she was trying to be patient, but occasionally Jolie would try to swipe something she had. When that happened, Kate would say "No, Nico!" And at first I didn't realize why she would say it, because clearly she was not confusing these two friends, but then I realized she has turned the word Nico into an epithet that roughly translates to "you naughty thing!"

These girls loved reading with Jeff.

They also loved reading with Phil!

Pretending Jolie was the baby kitten.

Grace had such a -fantastic- cello lesson today that we went to an art exhibit and an Indian restaurant afterward for a little treat.

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