Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011

Hanging Easter decorations -- can you tell that we decided the party decorations were sufficiently Easter-y to stay up through the end of the month?

Ready to color some eggs!

Pointing out our supplies.

Mixing dye.

Chatting while the eggs dye.

Grace is old enough now to dip her own eggs.

We tried putting on the tattoos that came with this egg dyeing set, but they did not work at all.

We decided to use letter stickers instead.

Suki and the egg that spells her name.

Her reading and spelling are coming right along, and so she figured out how to spell pig, cat and moo on some of her other eggs.

Grace lost two teeth after naps, which earned her a trip to the prize box for a double dip.

Showing off the empty spaces.

Rowing their boats together. The markers are the oars.

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