Wednesday, February 09, 2011

February 9, 2011

These three wanted to have breakfast with their animal friends.

I love how Kate watches Suki -- she's really learning how to build some great structures of her own.

The thing about having three children so close together is that the milestones sometimes tumble one after the other. Right now Suki is learning to read and she's doing it the same way Grace did, with the fantastic Starfall site. Kate loves to watch her sister play and practice her beginning sounds, etc. too.

So sweet!

Such funny girls -- Kate's jumper is undone because they'd just been jumping around like kangaroos and this was the only way her penguin could be the baby joey.

Today was the opposite sort of day from yesterday -- slow, deliberate, peaceful -- it was so nice.

Kate is a cow, Suki is a giraffe (just look at that long !) and Grace is a dolphin.

I love this look from Suki...

...and one more, in case you thought it was a fluke.

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