Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Before we even got to breakfast this morning, Grace wanted to open gifts from extended family.

She loved the new outfit from Granny and PaPa.

This magic set from Aunt Tina and family was a huge hit -- she was thrilled to learn a new trick to show David when he came home.

Kate wanted to try her hand at magic too.

Opening the wonderful books from Grandpa and Mary.

Grace was amazed that this doll from Granny looked so much like her.

Scratching these pages meant Grace could create rainbow, sparkly images. So much fun!

Opening the much desired marble run.

So much marble run fun!

Delighted to show it to David when he came home.

Taking out some baby animals.

The Leapster and math game.

A dinosaur tube.

Setting up the dinosaurs.

A comet is headed their way!

Leaping down with her last gift.

A hide and seek monkey! The wand indicates when you're getting closer to the hidden monkey, and with the way these girls are enjoying hide and seek lately that was a big hit.

Off to find that missing monkey!

A little chip and dip party.

At dinner, Grace was delighted to be able to put as much parmesan on her pasta as she liked.

Happy Birthday, Grace!

A special episode of Baby Animal Songs as they finished dessert.

We're moving into our seventh year of daily photo postings and wanted to make the online record complete. As you know, the photos from the first year of Grace's life were posted on a now defunct site. I'll be posting the photos from that year on a separate but connected blog throughout this year -- you can find the site here if from time to time you'd like to have a flash back to what things looked like back then.

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