Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

Today we attended Grace's Winter Concert -- it was a packed house and we were so glad to get there early enough to a) find seats and b) find seats with friends.

We had books and snacks and games for the long wait before the concert began -- seating began an hour before the event.

I was so glad to have these guys as my companions -- they fared much better than some of their poor bored pals.

Can you spot Grace in her winter white sweater?

Back at home, we had a sweet remainder of the morning.

Then we were off to get Grace!

She and Suki put on a play about Medusa (Grace, with rhinestone "snakes.") and Pele.

The angry Polynesian goddess herself.

Medusa beseeches Pele for help.

Pele delights in turning her down.

Medusa performs some convincing tricks.

Pele has to copy Medusa's jump...

...and her spin.

All is well, and they take a bow!

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