Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February 1, 2011

A sneaky little faux nap before we left for kindergarten and Kate's speech evaluation.

The drive this morning was rough, but we were unable to reschedule the evaluation and it was important. So we crossed our fingers and headed out into the storm.

Before the evaluation, we headed over to the hardware store to pick up some sand and salt. Suki and Kate loved seeing familiar tools and some new ones too.

The rainbow of paint!

They were even given balloons by the super friendly staff there.

Playing with some latching hooks.

Kate did such a good job at her evaluation and Suki was awesome at playing quietly during our time there. The snow had only gotten worse while we were inside, though, and so we went to pick up Grace early from school.

Settled in for a cozy party after a rough ride home.

Some photos of our snowy yard.

Cozy party close ups.

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