Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Kate and I wait for her 3 year follow up visit at the pediatric cardiologist's office.

She -sailed- through her EKG and earned lots of praise from the technician. They put 13 "stickers" all over her body and then hooked those up to wires leading into the reader -- Kate stayed still and happy the whole time, which made everything go so much faster. Click here to see how her first one looked.

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the echocardiogram. The exam itself took -forever- and Kate started getting bored. She kept herself entertained with her penguin, a book, and by sampling the gel they used on her chest and belly for the test.

After getting the all clear from the cardiologist. All of the holes in Kate's heart have healed, and she has no restrictions and needs no further followup care for her VSD. We are all so relieved. Kate knew that the exams today were so the doctor could make sure her heart was healthy but that was all. I could not believe how patient and agreeable she was to all of the strange things we were asking her to do, it was such a help.

Suki and Grace hung out with David at home, because no one thought it would be fun to have them come with us.

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