Monday, March 28, 2011

March 26, 2011

So excited for her Penguins in Paradise party!

David and Sarah.

Gracyn, Amanda and Aedyn are ready to make some penguins.

Calynn and Kate glue on their penguin pieces.

Suki is intent on her work.

Lesley looks over the crafts.

Aunt Melissa helps out.

Sarah looks at where on the beach Suki chose to put her penguin.

We put out this big bin of corn meal in place of sand -- these children -loved- being able to scoop and pour it out.

Sarah admires Liam.

David's cupcakes -- the penguins are on the beach at the edge of the blue water. Some of the penguins are marzipan, the others are little paper tags.

Our little Katie penguin with her family at the beach.

Ready for lunch!

Suki and Gracyn love to play dress up together.

Calynn also loved to dress up!

Marina and Jeff, Kate, Nina, Melissa, Liam and Grace.

Kate, Owen and Amanda.

Granny and PaPa chat with David.

Checking out the goldfish and beach balls.

Marina and Grace in discussion.

Suki chases Nico.

Anticipating her cupcake.

Making their cupcake liners into parachutes (and cracking themselves up).

Then it was time for some parachute fun with the penguins! Some other animals also managed to get in there for the bouncing.

Penguin wrestling.

Liam looks on with Jeff.

Handing out our favors -- we included what everyone needed to take their own rubber penguin to the beach: beach ball, sun glasses, fan, and a little treat.

A little pat for Owen.

Calynn is so messy!

So is Kate.

Joshua helps get Suki's hands clean.

A hug goodbye for Calynn.

Ready to open Joshua and Lesley's gift.

Kate loved it.

Holy moley, what a princessey gift!

Waving goodbye.

Examining the fantastic phonics set from Aunt Melissa and co.

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